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The SAIN network now accepts Real Estate & Builder Companies as qualifying Partners!


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SAIN News & Updates

SAIN Network Growth!

SAIN Portal Update!   Since the release of the SAIN platform earlier this month, the demand for sign-ups have increased in large volumes.  We have now onboarded over 90 properties in the month of October and we're forecasting that number to double monthly in the coming months!  Click here to add your property or add a portfolio to the SAIN network.  It's absolutely free to sign up for qualifying properties and the possible income your property can make is endless as there are no caps on the amount a property can earn.  You will also have a property listing on our corporate housing website absolutely free of charge!  Let's get your properties signed up today!

NEW!   Real Estate & Builders

The SAIN program is now accepting Real Estate companies and home builders as a qualifying referring partner within the network!   Click here to add your company to start receiving payouts on closed leads you refer through the SAIN portal.  It's absolutely free to sign up!


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Sharrisse L. with Sunridge Management Group.

A Very Special Congratulations!

Sharrisse L with Sunridge Management Group was our partner with the most referrals for the month of October.  Participating with over 8 referrals and a total of 2 leases!  Great job.

About the SAIN network

Grow Property Income!

By referring each walk in or caller looking for temporary furnished housing, you can increase the possibilities to add to your property's bottom line with SAIN.  Contact a Signature representative today for a review of your property and the qualifications required to participate in this program.  There are no set up costs associated with the set up of this program and the rewards can certainly add up with this exclusive partnership!

Add to Your Occupancy!

Referrals that your property sends to SAIN can directly increase your propertiy occupancy and income.  Once a referral is received by SAIN, we look at your property first for possible options.  Should your property not have an option for your referred prospect, we would then do a search in our network to find a similar community in the area and offer the prospect that option.  Your property still receives that referral reward should we close that lead.

How a property refers...

Your property would be required to obtain the prospect's name, phone number, email address and what they're looking for in furnished corporate housing (same as you would do for your apartment leads and callers).  That information would then be uploaded into the SAIN portal by clicking your approved management company code above.  This would also be an exclusive between Signature Corporate Housing, Inc. and the property.  So all other corporate housing company calls or inquiries would be sent through the portal, as well.

Real Estate & Builders...

Now, Real Estate companies and home builders now qualify to be added to the SAIN network!  Refer your clients needing temporary housing while their home is being built or while they are searching for that new home purchase! The referring partner will receive a monthly payout each month for the length of the referred prospect's lease.

What are the Rewards?

For approved properties working through the SAIN program,  the referring property receives a monthly referral reward each month for the length of the referred prospect's lease.




What else comes with the program?

Approved properties are presented first to Signature Corporate Housing prospects outside of the SAIN program.  Again, increasing the chances to increase occupancy and property income.




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Your company pays for the phones to ring!  Let's convert those corporate housing

inquiry calls into ancillary income for your property or company...

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